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Hi, my name is Maggie Hansford and I am running for the Board of County Supervisor in the Brentsville district.  Our county needs new leadership that values our children, our families, our community. My dad was a public servant for the federal government my entire childhood. He, along with my mother, raised three kids and we are all public servants thanks to their dedication and influence.

If I know one thing about public servants, it is that we are family, we are connected.  Our community services are  strengthened when they work together and, more often than not, public servants are family members. They’re your husband, wife, brother or sister. There is value in the strength of our public servants, who  are the backbone of our community. To value public servants, we must value our community.I have lived in Brentsville for almost 10 years.  My husband and I have raised three  boys all of whom attend our public schools, where I work as a speech language pathologist.  As a speech language pathologist,I get to meet almost every child and their family.

My job in the schools means I also witness,  every day, the effects of teachers with 13 years of service barely making $60,000.  I see teachers working multiple jobs. I see coworkers moving outside of the county to afford to live. I see coworkers, no matter if they’re single, married, or divorced, all struggling to make ends meet .  I see teachers unable to afford childcare, and living paycheck to paycheck,   searching for ways to afford to live where they work. The struggle is constant, year after year. Our teachers aren’t paid well and they aren’t respected by our county’s elected officials. I believe it is time for new leadership to adequately fund our schools and provide competitive compensation for our teachers.  Putting our teachers last means our children are last with them and that is not acceptable.  

We are in dead last place for school funding in Northern Virginia. Last place funding for over a decade in Prince William County Schools has resulted in the highest average classroom sizes, which contributes to larger workloads for our teachers, while our teachers continue to spend more of their own money in their classrooms because the schools aren’t covering what they need to teach. Enough is enough.  Our teachers need to be able to afford to live where they work and plan for retirement. Coworker after coworker, family after family, experience this struggle. And this underfunding of county services isn’t isolated to our schools, but all of Prince William County employees are suffering.

I want to connect our community figuratively and literally.  If children are able to see their school from their home, they should be able to safely walk to school.  This county has a sidewalks-to-nowhere problem that we can fix. Year after year, our commute times to work increase because of limited transit options in our district and county.  I believe that to strengthen our county, we must invest in our county. Adequate mobility in Brentsville means adding bike paths, trails, and sidewalks, as well as  increasing access to public transportation.  Investing in our county will lead the way for current businesses to grow and future businesses to choose Brentsville to develop.

It’s time to value our district.  Brentsville should be an inclusive community, where we value all types of families, we equitably fund our schools and county services, we grow our current businesses, and we attract new businesses.  Through smart growth and existing infrastructure plans, we can improve our county’s future, while respecting the rural crescent. We can connect our community through better transit options to promote the safety and health of our community.  We deserve a supervisor who  shares our values and leads with fairness. That is why I am running for County Board of Supervisor and asking for your support. Thank you.