Maggie Hansford is a mom, wife, educator and active community leader in the Brentsville district. Education is a priority of Maggie’s platform.  Maggie sees that teachers are asked to provide more and more classroom materials out of their own pockets, asked to provide stronger results with increased workloads, but with less resources.  She sees teachers being paid less than a livable wage, who are moving to neighboring counties to live because they can no longer afford to live and work in Prince William. Our teachers are living paycheck to paycheck, unable to plan for retirement due to years of inconsistent increases on their pay scale.  Maggie is running for our teachers, our students, our families, and our community. She intends to increase education funding to provide teachers with a livable wage (provide teachers a wage they are able to afford to live and teach in Prince William County), reliable retirement, and to stop county budgeting on the backs of our teachers.  Maggie is running for Board of County Supervisors to increase funding for all public servants, adequately fund our school system, and improve our quality of life by addressing transportation issues. Funding these important issues are Maggie’s top priority. Maggie also pledges to increase economic growth in our district and county. With property owners paying over 80% of our county’s tax revenue, Maggie wants to lessen the burden on homeowners by increasing economic growth and developing Brentsville from an only “bedroom community,” into a community that our neighbors can live, work and play. She aims to make Brentsville an inclusive district, where we celebrate the strength of our entire community.  

Maggie became involved in her homeowners association when her neighborhood was being considered for rezoning and planning for new schools.  While Maggie has always been passionate about improving education, she was particularly vocal during the 2018 PWCS budget season. School funding and teacher pay is of the utmost importance to her, both as an educator, as well as a parent.  She sees firsthand, how limited funding can negatively impact both students and school employees. Maggie spoke at several school board meetings, moderated education town halls, and appeared before the board of county supervisors, all to warn the community of the negative consequences of having last place per-pupil funding, too high class sizes, and the lowest teacher pay within Northern Virginia.  Our school employees are the lowest paid county employees within Prince William County, as well as hold the dubious honor of being the lowest paid teachers in Northern Virginia. She worked to reach decision makers, by describing how teachers in her schools stay at school long after their contract hours are over to serve their oversized classes, for inadequate compensation. She wrote two opinion editorials detailing how our county elected officials have repeatedly neglected their duty to our schools, ignored that we have over 200 sub-par and unsecure trailer classrooms within the district, the highest class sizes in the area, but the lowest paid teachers.  This neglect has resulted in poor teacher retention and the loss of valuable, experienced educators and is costing our students their “world class education.” Education is her first priority when taking office, and she will work to improve teacher compensation, increase per-pupil funding, and be rid of trailers once and for all.

Maggie also serves as the Vice President of her neighborhood homeowners association, working to improve her community with additional family friendly planning, while decreasing wasteful, preferential spending.  While serving on the association, Maggie has successfully overturned rules that restrict play equipment, added to and improved playgrounds, updated the clubhouse and improved the overall home values within the neighborhood.  Maggie has continuously engaged with former state delegate Rich Anderson, as well as the current state delegate, Hala Ayala, regarding main entrance lane changes. Maggie understands that the route 28 expansion has led to safety concerns at intersections, and needs improved timing of lights to reduce the frustration of utilizing the main entrance for neighbors.

While growing up, public service was important to Maggie’s entire family.  Her father served for over thirty years in the federal prison system, retiring as a federal prison warden.  Her parents raised 3 children. Maggie, along with her siblings, all went into public service along with all of their spouses.  Her brother and sister are both first responders, serving their communities in law enforcement. Her brother- and sister-in-law also serve in law enforcement and fire and rescue.  

She and her husband met in college and have been married for 14 years.  They built their first home in Bristow, in 2009. They have 3 sons and a daughter, who sadly passed away at 3 months old.  All three boys are active in our public school system and play numerous sports within our community. Maggie and her husband enjoy volunteering at their children’s schools, as well as helping coach and volunteer on their team sports.  In her free time, Maggie enjoys running and has completed the Marine Corps marathon twice. Both Maggie and her husband work as public servants and instill a strong sense of community in their children.