Connecting Our Community

An Educator and Mom, Ready to Represent Brentsville District

Connecting Our Community

I am an educator, a mom, and a community volunteer.

I am running to represent Brentsville District on the Prince William County Board of Supervisors because I believe we need a new kind of leadership in this county right now— one that fosters community engagement and a spirit of teamwork. I know that when we work as a team towards a common goal, we can achieve dreams that seem impossible.

“Brentsville should be an inclusive community, where we value all types of families, equitably fund our schools and county services, and attract and grow businesses. Through smart growth and infrastructure plans, we can improve our county’s future, while still respecting the unique nature of the Rural Crescent. We can connect our community through better transit options, which promote the safety and health of our community. We deserve a supervisor who shares our values and leads with fairness. That is why I am running for County Board of Supervisors and asking for your support.”
– Maggie Hansford


Interested in volunteering? We want you! Join Maggie and #TeamHansford. Let’s connect our community together.