Meet Maggie

Meet Maggie

Maggie is an educator, a wife, a mother of three sons, and a 10-year resident of Brentsville District in Prince William County, Virginia.

She grew up in a family with a strong tradition of public service. Maggie’s father served for over thirty years in the federal prison system, retiring as a federal prison warden. Maggie, along with her two siblings, have all gone into public service careers, along with all of their spouses.

Maggie has a Masters Degree in Communication Disorders and worked as a speech pathologist at a hospital in Chicago before moving to Prince William County ten years ago.  For the last eight years, she’s been serving Brentsville families as a speech therapist in Prince William County public schools.

Maggie and her husband have volunteered in the Brentsville community while raising their three sons. Maggie has been a consistent voice for increased funding for our public servants, including school funding.  She believes in, and cares for, the families of our district, and has organized advocacy efforts at many school board and county board meetings. She is passionate about public servants having a strong voice in our community. She has organized town halls and written op-eds engaging our community with the purpose of strengthening our county.

As the Vice President of her neighborhood homeowners’ association, Maggie has worked to improve her community with additional family-friendly planning, while decreasing wasteful spending. Maggie has also worked to successfully overturn rules that restricted play equipment, while pushing to add and improve playgrounds, and update the community’s clubhouse, all of which improved the overall home values within the neighborhood.

As a community leader, Maggie has developed strong relationships built on trust and respect with her neighbors, colleagues, and parents because she leads by inclusion and creates a sense of community.

I am running for the board of county supervisors because I believe we need a different kind of leadership right now — leadership that values working together as a team, with input from everyone, including the people who are the most marginalized and vulnerable. We also need leadership that values planning for, and investing in, the future.

The truth is that in our county, for too long, our public servants have been neglected. For too long, our roads have grown increasingly congested. And for too long, our schools have been consistently and unacceptably underfunded.

Did you know that Prince William County does not adequately fund and compensate our public servants?  Our county has grown and the funding has not kept pace for our schools, public safety, and community services.  As a community, we are only as strong as our public servants. I will work to adequately fund our schools, police, fire, and community services, in order to ensure that county residents have the vital services they need.  We must provide livable wages for our public servants, and ensure that they are able to afford to live where they work.

I will also prioritize transportation and traffic congestion. Did you know our commute times get longer every year? This is unacceptable. There is no single solution to this growing problem; rather, we need to take a multi-pronged strategy. We need to create more high paying jobs located within the county, closer to home.

I will work with community members and state legislators to connect our neighborhoods with sidewalks and create bike paths to address road congestion. I will advocate for increased local funding for crosswalks and sidewalks, as well as overhead pedestrian walkways.  Our supervisors need to build walkable schools and create safe routes to schools, which requires sidewalks, crosswalks, and pedestrian bridges. There are kids all throughout Brentsville that can see their school from their house, but can’t safely walk to school. I would also advocate for additional bike paths throughout the county.  Brentsville has the least amount of bike paths and sidewalks in all of the county. For our residents who live relatively close to their places of work, the option to bike to work would improve quality of life, as well as reduce traffic congestion, and improve the health of our residents. I also support increased nature trails and walkable parks, which will contribute to a healthier Prince William County and preserve the natural settings that we are all so proud of.

Did you know that 65% of our residents work outside the county? Employers will be incentivized to locate and expand in Prince William if it is easy for skilled workers to reach our county.

There isn’t just one cause for these long-standing problems, of course. But part of the problem has clearly been a lack of leadership from the Board of County Supervisors. The board failed to broaden the tax base and they have failed to grow the economy in a sustainable way. Did you know that 80% of the property tax is coming from residents? We don’t have enough business revenue to take the burden off of homeowners.  Residents pay their fair share of taxes, but data centers and developers do not.

We need to invest intelligently in our community, prioritize in a way that maximizes our quality of life, develop our economic base in our county, and broaden the tax base so that we can fully fund our county’s crucial public services.

I invite you to join me and my campaign, and work towards a new kind of leadership in this county, that values working as a team, and is committed to planning and investing in the future.