Adequate Funding for Public Servants

This is a top priority for Maggie, including adequate funding for our schools, public safety investments, and community services. Maggie believes that there is value in our public servants working and living in our county. It’s not just morally wrong, but also counterproductive for public servants to be paid less than a competitive wage. Low wages force many public servants to move to neighboring counties because they can no longer afford to live and work in Prince William. As a member of the Prince William County Board, Maggie promises that she will fight FOR our public servants, and fight AGAINST inadequate funding of our schools, public safety, and community services.

Our school division needs adequate funding to address teacher compensation and overcrowding. Our public safety departments need adequate funding to provide competitive compensation and give our first responders the resources they need to protect and serve our county. We have a severe need for greater community services. Our county needs to focus on building our services to help our daily lives and address the serious issues of mental health and addiction. Improving access to addiction recovery and mental health care is a high priority.

Reduce Traffic Congestion and Transportation

Maggie will work with community members, state elected officials, and county employees to connect our community with sidewalks, create bike paths, and address road congestion. Maggie will increase the safe routes for our children to walk to school, families could walk to local businesses, and we would create a more community-friendly atmosphere for our residents without disrupting traffic flow.  With limited safe routes to schools, our supervisors have put more cars on the roads during commute times. The lack of walkable schools impacts the mental and physical health of our families.  For our residents who live relatively close to their places of work, the option to bike to work would improve quality of life, reduce traffic congestion, and improve the health of our residents. She will support increased nature trails and walkable parks, which will contribute to a healthy Prince William County and preserve the natural settings that we all are proud of.

Every year our commute times in Brentsville increase because we do not have sufficient mass transit options and we don’t have enough high paying jobs in our district. Maggie will work to decrease commute time, address traffic issues, and prioritize economic development that will bring high paying jobs to our community. 

Bring Jobs to the County

Maggie believes in supporting job growth in our current business community, while also working with state elected officials and businesses to make Brentsville the destination for high paying jobs. Maggie believes that employers would be more likely to locate and expand in Prince William if it were easier for skilled workers in the more urban counties to the north, as well as local residents, to get to the job sites here. These issues are connected. Reducing traffic congestion would attract jobs to the county.  More local jobs would reduce traffic congestion. This is why it’s important to plan and think about the long-term impact of our economic development strategies.

Diversify the Tax Base

With property owners paying over 80% of our county’s tax revenue, Maggie knows that it’s critical to reduce the burden on homeowners by diversifying the tax base and by making Brentsville a destination for high paying jobs. My vision for Brentsville and Prince William County is a community where our neighbors can live, work, play, and learn.

Commit to Conservation

As a board member, Maggie would fight to preserve green space, including the Rural Crescent, as well as increase nature trails and walkable parks.  Maggie is a strong advocate for environmental protection and favors a transition towards 100% clean energy in our county.

Equality and Inclusion

Maggie believes that everyone must be treated equally, regardless of their race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or gender. Protection for county employees must be explicitly formalized into a written nondiscrimination policy, to ensure that our employees are treated equitable and our county is recognized as a welcoming community for all businesses and residents. Maggie aims to make Brentsville a fully inclusive district, where we value and celebrate diversity together.