Every year, our supervisors set a tax rate that is competitive with Fairfax and Loudoun.  However, every year our supervisors set a computer tax rate that is far lower than surrounding counties.  They ask our residents to pay, not our businesses. We need to start expecting our businesses to pay their fair share in order for our community to prosper.  Our supervisors refuse to invest in our community and the county’s problems exist today because of these shortsighted priorities. Our schools are overcrowded, our commutes are long, and the economic prosperity of our community is restrained since the majority of our tax revenue is reliant upon homeowners.  We are a bedroom community that is unable to afford our public servants. Our county could compete with neighboring counties, but first, we must invest in ourselves.

I believe in the value of the rural crescent. Protecting the rural crescent is important in order to preserve our natural resources, the local watershed, beautiful scenery, and farmland is important to preserving the unique characteristics of our county.  I would advocate for smart growth, rather than sprawl, in order to develop land already outside of the crescent.

Prince William County should prioritize community services for children, adult mental health, and substance abuse treatment. I applaud Prince William County’s ongoing efforts to curb the deadly opioid epidemic, including their commitment to working with nearby jurisdictions and federal law enforcement agencies to prosecute large-scale heroin distributors. Unfortunately, while our police force is prosecuting distributors, users lack the county services to break the chains of addiction. In Prince William, we do not have a county residential drug treatment or mental health facility. If a resident requires these services, he or she  must go outside of the county for treatment.  This provides a barrier for some of our most in need residents. Further, community services require private bussing availability to transport residents from facilities to appointments.  Without these important investments, we are putting our residents’ health and our community at risk.

As a supervisor, I would continue to advocate for environmentally sound plans for growth as well as  invest in green energy resources.  In order to be competitive when seeking to attract major employers, we need to increase our focus on renewable energy and environmentally friendly innovation.  

I understand the positive impact of investing time and resources into our future because I see it every day where I teach.  I believe we deserve a Supervisor who truly understands that whether you’re a child walking to school, a recent graduate starting your career, a neighbor commuting to work, or a senior enjoying retirement, Brentsville is our home.  We deserve to know that our investments are going towards keeping us safe on our roads and bringing high paying jobs back into our community.