The county must work with state legislators to address road safety and the flow of traffic throughout Brentsville specifically along Rollins Ford Rd. and along the expansion portion of Route 28.  Numerous fatalities along with high numbers of accidents must be made a priority for the safety of our community.  These accidents are tragic, yet they are also preventable. The drawing of the lanes needs to be addressed with blind stop issues and improved light timing.    

I will develop a short-term and long-term plan, with input from community members and transportation experts, with sidewalks and bike paths to address road congestion.  This county has a sidewalk-to-nowhere problem. We have numerous schools that have sidewalks in front of the school, but they only continue a few feet and do not connect to nearby neighborhoods. The sidewalks at these schools are merely ornamental rather than functional.  I plan to work towards increasing the safe routes to schools. We need to complete a study of how many schools in our district can be walkable schools when provided adequate sidewalks and crosswalks. Sidewalks are an important investment in the safety of our children. In addition, investing in sidewalks will provide relief of road congestion in several ways.  It will reduce the number of parents on the road driving their children to school, limit the buses on the road, which reduces traffic and wear on roads. Improving sidewalks will also reduce bus routes, reduce the time it takes our children to get to school, and increase efficiency for our drivers.

Funding for crosswalks and sidewalks, as well as overhead pedestrian walkways, will benefit several aspects of the community.  Our children could more safely walk to school, families could walk to local businesses, and we would create a more community-friendly atmosphere for our residents without disrupting traffic flow.

I would also propose additional bike paths throughout the county.  For our residents who live relatively close to their places of work, the option to bike to work would improve quality of life, reduce traffic congestion, and improve the health of our residents.  I also support increased nature trails and walkable parks, which will contribute to a healthy Prince William County and preserve the natural settings that we all are proud of.

I also believe that Brentsville is not adequately connected to mass transit throughout the district, negatively impacting our mobility.  We would benefit from additional mass transit to the George Mason Science and Technology Center and Innovation Park, as well as increased public bussing options, which would then expand the VRE service throughout the day and stimulate bus/van/car sharing to Innovation Park, Manassas, Manassas Park, North Woodbridge, and other areas. 

Improved transportation, including walking, biking, driving, and public transit, will improve the quality of life for  our residents.  If our goal as a county is to grow high-paying jobs, then we need to work to reverse the commute. Employers will be incentivized to locate and expand in Prince William if it is easy for the pool of skilled workers in the more urban counties to the north, as well as local residents, to get to the job sites here.